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Afghanistan is affected by illicit drug production as well as drug use and dependence (and a concentrated HIV epidemic among injecting drug users). With around 2 million drug users and 5% of the population involved in drug cultivation, Afghanistan pays a very high cost for the illicit drug problem in the country.


Sub-programme 3 aims at addressing drug use, drug use disorders and related HIV/AIDS and other co- morbidities as part of the humanitarian response in Afghanistan, with a special focus on vulnerable groups such as children, adolescents, female injecting drug users and populations in closed settings.


UNODC sub-programme 3 has been supporting Afghanistan to strengthen drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and harm reduction programs based on scientific evidence, human rights and gender consideration by developing: 1) comprehensive and effective drug policy and system; 2) coordination among stakeholders; 3) technical tools (e.g. national guidance, clinical protocols, psychosocial protocols); 4) capacity building of national policy makers, public health officials, health and drug treatment professionals, social care and education providers, as well as criminal justice and law enforcement officers.

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