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Country Senior Programme Officer (Health) (Re-announced)

Date Posted: Jul 10, 2024
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About Norwegian Red Cross

The Norwegian Red Cross is a humanitarian organization whose work is driven by a desire to help others. It is committed to, and bound by, the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and acts as the guardian of the Geneva Conventions.

Our work is volunteer-based and organized to ensure that we can reach people in need quickly and efficiently. The Red Cross has local branches throughout Norway, while the Movement has a global reach through its network of volunteers.

Given the frequency with which wars break out and the ever-recurring famines, the need may seem overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to know that a lot of people are also working to make things better.

The purpose of the Country Offices (CO) is to ensure implementation of Norwegian Red Cross International Strategy at country level through programme support to the National Society partner, as articulated and established in the approved Country Framework. This means that the CO is responsible for ensuring results-based project management, risk management, and operational in-country Movement coordination. Furthermore, the CO is responsible for ensuring project implementation in support to NS partners, in line with established project agreements and project plans. The CO ensures sound technical quality of all country projects, in line with established technical standards and best practices. The CO ensures that Norwegian Red Cross programme support is based on regularly updated humanitarian needs analysis in line with established practices. The CO represents Norwegian Red Cross in-country with regards to external partnerships and relationships. The CO is responsible for in-country security management.

Job Description

Key aspects:

    • Promote that Norwegian Red Cross Programme cooperation with the Host National Society programme teams is consistent and efficient.
  • Support HNS sound technical planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting in line with established programme agreements and programme plans.
  • to organize purposeful collaboration with the Host National Societies programme teams in line with technical standards and programme agreements.
  • Permanently scans health needs corresponding to the present NorCross prospects’ intervention scheme and proposes new projects.
  • Co-decides on project-initiation and project-planning.
  • Participates in the programme implementation monitoring.
  • Is responsible for the quality of the medical programmes, (coaching and technical support to medical teams)

Main responsibilities and tasks for the position

1. Lead orientation of programme’s health activities & strategy:

    • Follow implementation of strategies in all the locations through frequent visits in the field.
    • Actively participate in evaluation of the programme and definition of new strategies (programme document, country plan of action and budget framework) in quarterly revision of activities.
    • To plan, organize and develop health program activities, according to the programme proposal & country plan of action and to ensure the quality and accountability of those activities.
    • To participate in revision and development of the country plan of action, in accordance with the regional plan of action and ARCS POA, annual plan, and relevant NorCross International Strategy and guidelines.
    • To translate the objectives of the programme proposal into a work plan together with the program team, Senior finance officer and supported by the health delegate.
    • To advise and inform the health delegate and country responsible regarding the development, monitoring, and assessment of the ongoing NorCross supported health activities within the Programme.
    • To be responsible for Health evaluation of the programme with Health delegate
    • To be responsible for the management of the medical library in the programme
    • To monitor the health need priorities in the programme area
    • To prepare monthly activity reports, which include statistics and planning and monitoring of morbidity trends.
  • Assist in operational research activities when appropriate.
  • To assess the need for and participate in exploratory missions and outbreak investigations.
  • Support Health Delegate in Humanitarian context analysis and health framework.
  • Involved in the RCRC movement development of Primary Health Care, community health technical working group.

2. Monitoring of health program activities within the programme:

· Update the protocols

  • Make regular evaluation of elaborated protocols for OPD consultations, referrals, nutrition, EPI, etc. Adapt it if needed together with the team (ARCS Health team) and Health Delegate.
  • Follow up its implementation at field level.
  • Lead health delegate in identification and delivery of training of national staff.

· Oversee management of Secondary health, clinics, and mobile clinics

  • Ensures quality in medical care offered by ARCS.
  • Follow up implementation, consolidate and adapt different integrated programs in all locations.
  • Involved in discussion on the homogeneity of general management of mobile clinics in all locations. (Patient flow, responsibility of national staff etc.)

3. Centralize and analyze medical data:

· Consolidate the collection, analyses and reporting of medical data in all locations. Supervise data assistant and his/she follow up on field level.

  • oversee the accuracy of the filled in HMIS tools by data manager and excel tools at field level.
  • Consolidate the compilation of the monthly data and the analysis with HMIS-IM Data Officer.

4. Representation/communication:

    • To work in close collaboration with ARCS, IFRC, ICRC and MOPH representatives, and other counterparts, facilitating and participating in health meetings regarding the implementation of program activities.
  • To identify advocacy specific points based on program health needs.
  • To support ARCS HQ Health department (national) in development/review of their plan of action.
  • To maintain regular contact with the health delegate and Country responsible concerning the progress of the program including but not limited to preparing and sending the situation report.
  • Review medical reports/HMIS for the quarterly report according to the NorCross timeline.

5. Human Resources-Administration Management:

  • Responsible for defining in collaboration with the health delegate on the HR health requirements (national staff) for the program in line with the agreed strategy.
  • To write, and if necessary, update, the Job Profiles of the program-health officer and assistant officer, data assistant, regional focal point (paramedic background) and review them with the health delegate.
  • To support program (program-health officer or assistant officer, data assistant, regional focal point (paramedic background) by coaching and training with a focus on skill development, including strategic planning, evaluation, and management skills.
  • To perform briefing and debriefing of new members (national staff) in the NorCross program with health delegate.
  • To supervise and appraisal/evaluation of program-health assistant officer, data assistant, regional focal point (paramedic background).
  • To perform objective, midterm evaluation and end of year conversation for all the program-health assistant officer, data assistant, regional focal point (paramedic background) staff for which he/she is the functional and hierarchical line manager with the support of the health delegate. When doing this he/she ensures that the input from the health delegate and country responsible is timely collected and reflected in the evaluation.

6. Training:

    • Ensure and supervise the planning of different training needs for ARCS HQ health department follow up the implementation by both ARCS Regional Health officer and clinic/Mobile health personnel.
    • Coach Program Assistant (Nurse-Midwife) in all aspects of his/her position.
    • Actively involve on referrals pathway discussion with ARCS health department
    • Ensure the involvement of ARCS in the training.
  • Give a technical support to the ARCS HQ or Field Team

7. Medical Supplies – Orders:

  • To be overall responsible for the management of the medical supply order in the clinics and mobile health team, consumption monitoring and medical stock management in collaboration and with the close support of the PHC Health Focal point and Pharmacist from ARCS Health and ICRC responsible.
  • To assess the need for medicines and materials and to organize the ordering, distribution and use of medicines and medical material with program officer (Pharmacist background)
  • Oversee the monitoring the drug consumption and adherence to medical protocols with med-log assistant.
  • To liaise with the med-log assistant officer regarding distribution, transport, safety, and security.
  • In charge of the quarterly order and follow up with med-log assistant

8. Strengthen referral system

  • Ensure discussion on the referral protocol and policy is followed and adapt it according to the context.
  • Develop and consolidate networking to use official channels for referrals as much as possible with ARCS.
  • Continue to evaluate the structures identified as providers of secondary level care for patients in need. Analyze the needs of ARCS support (material? HR?)
  • Follow up program assistant and regional health officers for referrals in charge of all referral cases and develop the quality of follow up of patients.

9. Contacts with medical representatives at different levels:

  • Share with Health delegate and country responsible regular contacts of medical representatives at Kabul, provincial, district and ARCS structure levels.
  • Keep collaboration and sharing of medical information with RCRC.

10. Prepare emergency response at field level:

  • Together with the Health delegate and country responsible, follow up information at local level to detect small emergencies with possibility of intervention for ARCS. Make assessments of suspected epidemics and emergency situations.
  • In charge of follow up EPREP kits (country pre-positions stocks)

11. Reference person for national staff health:

  • Follow the implementation of national staff health policy.
  • Together with health delegate for referral and NS, follow the problematic cases of NS and find solutions with xxxxxx
  • Reference person for the national health at country level

12. Budget and Financial procedures:

  • Contributes to drafting of yearly budget, provides inputs and review to ensure that budgets are appropriate to address the needs and NorCross strategy.
  • Contribute quarterly cash request for program actively and assure timely submitted to country finance responsible for sufficient fund.
  • Ensure timely working advance settled by staff under his/her supervision.
  • Review and sign all financial documents related to the program activities.
  • Actively participate on (BVA – Budget vs actual) process
  • Working together with finance officer on quarterly budget review or reallocation process

13. Reporting:

  • Centralize medical reports from ARCS (Regional and Headquarters)
  • Work in close collaboration with program and finance officers on (T1, T2, T3 and annual report.
  • Analyze the data with ARCS HQ Health team. Organize regular health meetings (with ARCS Health/technical department, regional health officer, Provincial Health Officer, clinics head and mobile team leader as interactive exchange of information with all medical team, with proposals of solutions to identified problems or of new approach / strategies.
  • Jointly with Senior Programme Officer (Non-med), organize monthly Programme meeting.
  • Monthly, (T1-T4) quarterly, and annual reports.
  • Bi-annual and yearly external report shared with regional office.
  • Reporting to country responsible security incidents, issues happening in or on the way to the Health Facilities.
  • Support Senior Programme officer (non-Med) on context, humanitarian, and security update.
  • Maintains the existing network, taking regular contact with local actors at field level. Notifies the topics and analysis of each meeting in the networking file.

Job Requirements


  • Relevant university degree (Medical Doctor, Master in Public Health)


  • 7-9 years, with the humanitarian sector (RCRC, UN, INGOs) in conflict, remote locations, and ideally senior role on a Primary Health Care program, training in public health, or equivalent desired.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Most of all patience, organization, training/coaching skills, and diplomacy are required.
  • Track record of managing humanitarian projects in complex humanitarian setting
  • Proven experience in working with vulnerable groups and marginalized populations.
  • Excellent drafting skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of words and excel.
  • Fluency in English in required. Working proficiency of regional languages is an asset.

Personal Qualifications:

  • Ability to work towards achieving objectives and results.
  • Ability to convince and gain acceptance.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to be solution oriented.
  • Collaborates well with others and supports others in the pursuit of team goals.
  • Creates a stable and re-assuring work atmosphere and is firm and reliable.


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The Norwegian Red Cross is a humanitarian organization whose work is driven by a desire to help others. It is committed to, and bound by, the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and acts as the guardian of... Read More